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I was born in Waterford in Southern Ireland and moved to the capital city, Dublin in my early 20's. Metal music entered my life in the mid-80's. I started with the more established British bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and quickly progressed to thrash and American hard rock. Kerrang was a big influence on what I bought as there was little or no airplay for this type of music. I was a frequent visitor to Sound Cellar in Dublin, a speciality hard rock/metal record shop that still exists. In here we all spoke the same language and you could always rely on one of the guys to recommend something that would blow you away.

I moved to the Boston area just over 2 years ago and am glad to report that the metal scene here seems to be alive and kicking also. The gigs seem to be frequent and plentiful and I have been able to see a number of bands I would never get the chance to see back in Ireland. Long may that continue. I was invited to co-host the podcast in late 2012 and so far I have enjoyed it immensely.