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I was born in Methuen Massachusetts in 1970. My very first cassette was the Scorpions Blackout album. At that time, bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, Twisted Sister and the Scorpions were hitting it big and were grouped in the “Heavy Metal” category along side bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. What I find humorous is that by today’s standards, those bands would probably be classified as “hard rock”. As 1984 turned in 1985, my lust for music grew, but I found that my musical tastes were in the minority. This often made it difficult for me to find others who shared my passion for “Heavy” music.

My whole musical direction changed with I picked up a copy of Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning”. They quickly became my favorite band. At that time, Metallica was classified as “Speed Metal”. Speed Metal was pretty much anything that was played fast and not radio friendly like Ratt, Crue, Twisted Sister, etc.

The fate of my “Musical Identity” was sealed when Slayer released “Reign In Blood”. At that time (1986), “Reign In Blood” was probably the FASTEST music you could find. There were other “heavy” bands out there, but Slayer was just that different. From the discovery of Slayer came the desire to find other bands that were similar. As 1987 rolled around, bands like Exodus, Testament and Anthrax were well established in my daily routine of listening of music.

Over more recent years I found that I’ve lost interest in the “new” bands. To me, they are just regurgitations of something I already own from the 80’s or 90’s. I’ve broadened my musical interests to include different styles of music including New Age, Soundtracks, Movie Scores, etc. At present time, I’d have to say my favorite style of music is Hard Rock / Melodic Rock, along with “classic” Heavy Metal.

Although I have ranked a “Favorite Bands” list, I really do not have a favorite band. Unfortunately, bands do not stay consistent enough over their careers to keep me that interested as a “favorite”. I do have favorite albums from bands, but not really a favorite band. I’d much rather put together a “Favorite Albums” list.