Focus On Metal: Scott Thompson
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I was born and raised in the Boston area. As far back as I can remember I was into music. Like many original metalheads I began to seek out music that was harder, louder and faster than the current FM staples. While Lars and company were raiding import bins on the west coast I was doing the same on the east coast. I became a regular fixture in any of the local shops that had an import bin searching for bands like Priest, Saxon, and Motorhead .

Needing to continue to spread the gospel of metal I scored a Monday drive time slot on a Boston radio station eventually that slot was moved to Saturday afternoons and the Invasion was born. That show ran for three years and in that time I had the opportunity to debut many bands on Boston radio including Metallica. At this same time I was working with a local sound company and did local crew and lighting for many major and local bands. .

After the radio gig I played guitar and fronted several local bands doing original music until 1996 when I started to concentrate on producing and engineering. I did come out of retirement for a few years playing in some cover bands but the BS outweighed the fun and it was a battle to get them to play some of the metal that I needed to play. .

So here I am pushing fifty and still focused on metal. I still write and record my own stuff. I play guitar, bass and some keyboards I also produce, mix and consult for many up and coming bands as far away as Japan with my Bedlam Music Productions. I also build custom guitars under the DHJ Guitarworks name.